Raven's Strike (Raven Duology, #2)

Raven's Strike (Raven Duology, #2) - Patricia Briggs I liked it, but at the same time I was really confused. It seems that some books I can pick up years afterward and just go with the flow. But this one suffered even though it had only gone a year since I read book 1. It was like I was trying to find my way to the dark, and the same thing happened throughout the entire book. So I would say that if you read book 1 then read book 2 fast, that could have saved it for me.Still, I liked it cos it is Briggs. Sure it is not my kind of epic fantasy. It is very light, but sweet can be nice too. The world is not as built as it could be, she focused more on the orders and magic.I guess there had to be something about it if I liked it even though I was lost a few times. The people were just so nice. I liked Jes, I liked that the Emperor was a new kind of man. Seraph seemed harsher though, and Teir softer.And of course I only read it cos it was by Briggs ;) her earlier stuff is fun too