Never Coming Home

Never Coming Home - Evonne Wareham If this would have been just a thriller then perhaps not for me, even if the thrilling part was actually my fav (go figure), but anyway, it also had romance. Big yay.The suspense part was very good, I kept asking why and how?? I thought I knew, I thought I could figure it out, but it made no sense. But even in this craziness in the end it all made sense. Some are just insane.Kaz has gone through what no mother should have to go through, she has a lost a child. The Devlin comes along, mysterious and sexy Devlin. The sparks fly, but there is also something else. The big mystery of the book, is Jamie actually alive? And if so where?Wareham does not make it easy for the reader. The question of Jamie hangs over us, then someone is after Devlin too, and why? The hunt takes us far and more questions show up. I do like a good mystery that I can't figure out.With the suspense and mystery we got the romance. Two people falling for each other when they shouldn't. And some secrets cannot be shared.Conclusion:This one is for those who like suspense, thrillers and mysterious, but who also want a bit of romance and softer tones.