Passage (Sharing Knife Series #3)

Passage  - Lois McMaster Bujold Why oh why am I such a sucker for punishment? This series must have enchanted me. Because book 1 was good, a tad boring in place, book 2 was good too, still more boring, but this one. Yes here I finally was truly bored. Now I will not rush to read book 4 at once.The other books have been slow but here the slow pace took another form as Fawn and Dag and a bunch of others makes it down the river..slowly. Nothing happens, well something at the end, but by then I was bored and even skimmed a page or two. But then again what does any of this matter, I already scared away all of you with my previous two reviews.And Dag is turning 56 in this way, congrats, Fawn is turning 19 later..yeah.So...yup, nothing happened. Dag wondered about Magic, Fawn was not really around much. The other characters were ok I guess. And farmers are still bloody stupid, but so are lakewalkers. Work together people!Conclusion:Not exactly a series I would recommend, still it beguiled me.