High King's Tomb

The High King's Tomb - Kristen Britain This is the third book in the Green Rider series and even though it ended well in the last one, things are yet to be resolved. The enemy is defeated, and yet he is not. Karigan is in love with the king and he loves her, but this fairy tale can get no happy ending and he is to be married. Which breaks my heart because they love each other and should be able to be together. But I liked her strength as she stays away, her sense of duty and honor is strong.This book is about Karigan and a new rider being sent away to find something to save the D'Yer wall. We also learn a bit more about her rider gift. Then there is the story of Grandmother, an evil woman who is hiding with followers of the Second Empire. A bunch of evil idiots who wants to take over the country. And last the story of Alton and Dale who is trying to save the D'Yer wall, because for it to fall would mean that the darkness behind will escape. As for the characters, Grandmother is a good bad guy since she believes everything she does is good, and those are always the scariest. Karigan is good as always and I mourn her loss when she is not allowed to be with the one she loves. Then we got the usual baddies and good people trying to do their best in a world in turmoil.And as the book ends I have no idea what will happen next, and I can't wait to read the next part. What will happen? And most of all, will she be happy? Because I do want happy even if that means not being with the one you loved first.Conclusion:An adventurous third part in this saga and I am looking forward to reading more.