Rogue Pirate's Bride

The Rogue Pirate's Bride - Shana Galen Yes this is book 3, have I read the other ones? That would be a no, do I mind? No. Do I want to read the rest, well yes ;) The 2 precious books are about his brothers, and in this one we meet Bastian who thinks he brothers are long dead, but he will of course learn otherwise.Bastian is a privateer, with a letter from the Spaniards. He is a good captain with a sad past. And oh yes of course I like him. He is a pirate and a French nobleman, what is there not to like? And then he meets Raeven who wants to kill him for revenge as he killed her fiance. But she will be pudding in his hands soon enough.I do like a couple who does not like each other at first, ok Bastian thinks she is pretty, but she is a hellcat with a sword out after blood. But every side has two stories and so she will learn. She is not your usual kind of heroine either. She grew up on a ship, she knows her way around one and she sneaks off dressed in pants. She is not a pretty little thing that sits at home and drinks tea. She is refreshing and sure she does stupid things but I also know that when she does get into trouble she can hold her own.There will be a hunt at sea. Clashes between these two, passion and quite the adventure before the story comes to an end. I like the couple and I also got curious about her previous books in this series. These brothers have suffered a lot.Conclusion:Be swept way by a dashing privater. Romance, pirates and a couple from two different worlds.