Love Letters: The Art of Seduction / Meant For Me

Love Letters: The Art of Seduction / Meant For Me - Lori Brighton I am not the best at reviewing novellas, you can't say too much and you must say something.The Art of Seduction is the first story and it's about that first love you had but that never came to be. Clara was always in love with Brendon but he was older and never noticed her. And now she is on the run and she wants to see him again.I liked Clara, she was innocent, but she still wanted something. Brendon was a bit broken and needed to be healed. And since this is a short story everything happens fast and it works. They meet and at the end they have their HEA. Since this is a historical romance after all.Meant For Me was my favourite out of these two. It's about Cynthia who is mistreated by her aunt. They do not really care about her and she is the grey wallflower. But in fact she is full of life and she doesn't want her cousin to marry Lord Kennwick. She knows him, he knows her..but not really since he thinks he has been writing her cousin. Of course at one point I did think he should have thought if it sooner but hey we need some drama in this short story. It was a cute Cinderella story and just like story number 1 it had passion too.