Good Girls Don't

Good Girls Don't  - Victoria Dahl This is the first book in a trilogy about 3 siblings who own a brewery. First up is Tessa who is the peacekeeper between her two older brothers. She tries her best to keep the wrath of the good one of the playboy brother. But this book is not about them, they will have their spotlight later on.Tessa is a good girl, she works hard and she is good at hiding things from her brothers. Most importantly that she dates. Oh those brothers think that their sister never even looks at men. But then they are very protective and I can’t fault them for that quality. Still they sure do not want her to date Luke Dasher as he has a bad rep. But this bad boy cop is not a bad boy after all when we get to know him more. He has had it rough.The story is about these two trying to get close, but there is that reputation in the way, and her brothers. But that will not stop these two from getting a little passion in their lives. There is also the story about who robbed the brewery.Sure the book was good but at times I just do not know. It felt like there was something missing. Perhaps it could have been a tad funnier. I just do not know why I did not like it more. Because I still enjoyed the book. It was a nice story about a two people falling in lust and love. I also liked her brothers, even the good boring one, I actually liked him more. He had to grow up so fast and take care of his sister and brother when their parents died.Conclusion:If you like her other books then I am sure you will like this new series too.