Her Ladyship's Companion

Her Ladyship's Companion - Evangeline Collins My thoughts:I read another book by her and liked it, even though I didn't think I would. So of course then I had to get this book. At least now I was used to the prostitutes ;)Isabella is married to a man who is never around. She is lonely, sad and there is passion in her that never gets to come out. When she finally gets to live she is a tad bit immature, but that is because she wants and wants. Kind of like me in a bookstore. The hero, oh yes, he is a male prostitute hired by her cousin. Now this is a romance so of course they fall in love, but can they be? She is married and he is nothing.I can't say what it is about her books that make me like them so much. There is just so much passion, angst, and love around. And there is that big elephant in the room, how on earth could this possibly work? The road there is long and it has me wondering. Because I want them and need these two to be happy. She is so deserving and he, well he sure deserves better too.Conclusion:I truly enjoyed this one and I recommend it.