The Summoner (Chronicles of the Necromancer Series #1)

The Summoner - Gail Z. Martin Another good fantasy book, but then I knew that from the start. It was the kind that I enjoy, a good adventure, friends on the run and wicked bad guys.I do like this kind of fantasy where the young man (or woman) is on the run or something like that. He dodges bad guys and tries to come to terms with his power. And there are always a good set of side characters. I can't say who my favorite here is cos they all have different things to offer, but I do think I want more of the young captain of the guard. There is magic and new things to discover, and this book has vampires, yes I liked that too. I also liked the aspects of the Goddess that they worship. A good new world, a nice hero, and a world to root for.And then we have the bad guy, oh bad guy, you silly thing. The bad guy in this one, Jared, thinks he is so big and bad. Little does he know that he is just a puppet. But he is a good bad guy, so evil and sadistic. A true creep, and the evil guy behind him. Him I would look out for.The pages just flew by, it was such an easy book to read. And I know many of you fear books as long as this one but honestly it did not feel that long cos I could read it fast. Some books are just that easy.Conclusion:A good start to this series and I do want more. The ending was not a cliffie either so that I am grateful for. Everyone is happy...for now *insert music of doom*