The Summer of You

The Summer of You - Kate Noble I did not like it as good as book 1, or book 3 for that matter, but it was still a very good book. And I truly loved the hero. I can't put my finger on what made it slightly not as good since the couple was great, the village quaint, the plot good, and, oh it is a mystery.To the story then. The couple met briefly in book 1, but do not worry, this one can be read wonderfully on its own, and I must also say that I like that I read book 3 before this one. Because Jason was sure a child at the beginning of this one, not yet grown up mentally to take over the estate, even if he is 24. Anyway, it is not his story, it is Jane's. Jane who I did not like that much in book 1, and now suddenly, yes I liked her. She has a lot to think about, with her father being ill, and her mourning her mother, and she has also grown up. I also liked that she has a streak of rebellion in her. Cos I sure would not want to find a highwayman and put him behind bars.The hero, oh, yes I loved him. Byrne is broken, and I do like a broken hero. He is the village hermit who scowls at everyone. He does not want company, he does not want pity and he is in pain after the war. To see him smile as she brought out the best in him was the best in this novel.And then we have the whole village who does not like Byrne. A young Miss who thinks she is in love with Jason, Jason who just want to have fun (and not meet the village ladies), and a nice look at the daily life of them all. Together it brings out the best in everyone, and the worst.Conclusion:The sweetness, it is the sweetness that I like about these, and the fact that they wait and not jump each other at once.