Christmas in Lucky Harbor: Simply Irresistible/The Sweetest Thing

Christmas in Lucky Harbor (Lucky Harbor, #1-#2) - Jill Shalvis Simply IrresistibleTwo books in one, now who can say no to that. Therefore I will also try to make this a bit shorter.Maddie comes to Lucky Harbor to take over an Inn. She meets her sisters again too. Together they are the Steel magnolia, the wild child and the Mouse. And yes poor Maddie is the mouse. She has taken some crap in her life and it was nice to see her learning to stand up for herself in this one. She grew stronger.In comes Jax, the hottie on a motorcycle. Oh yes sparks fly there at once, but Maddie has been hurt and always takes a step back. Which makes sense, but I also liked how Jax did not give up. He took his small steps forward and showed her that he wanted more. I do like a man who knows what he wants.The chemistry between these two are sizzling and there is a lot of smexing going on in this book that is so sweet. The chemistry between the sisters also works well, and I do want to read their stories next.I liked the book and it was just sweet you know (and hot). I closed it with a smile.The Sweetest ThingIn the second book time has passed and it is now summer. Tara is trying to make the inn work, she is bonding with her sisters and avoiding local hottie Ford. I knew at once why there was tension between these two in book 2 so the answer sure did not come as a surprise. But I guess not everything needs to be a secret.Tara is the uptight one, but she is not nearly as uptight at people think. She felt normal. She worried, she was human. The love interested, Ford, is a nice guy who really wants her. And it was nice seeing these two struggle to make it work. It was not easy considering.But I think what I liked the most was the local gossip who had a facebook page and the news about Tara and Ford was all over it. It had such a warm small town feeling that you just wanted to visit and never leave.The triangle, oh that I did not see at all. Her ex comes to town and wants her back. Nut I never felt he even tried, and that I would have liked to see. So there really is none, this is about Ford and Tara and there lovestory, and the hot passion that burns between them. Yes they do get around.Sweet is the word, I really can'y say much more than that. Sweet :) A feel-good book.