Nights of Villjamur

Nights of Villjamur - Mark Charan Newton I am gonna do this in the 3 reasons review format because honestly I got nothing to say at all.1.) Reasons you chose this bookIt sounded good. An ice age is coming, the dead are walking, intrigues and an interesting sounding world.2.) Reasons you liked or disliked this bookI disliked it because I could not connect with anyone, I did not care if they lived or died.It bored me, it had so much potential but for some reason it never sucked me in. I noticed it already on page 20 but I soldiered on. I am a sucker for punishment and well I had a free evening when I was home alone. So I finished the book, but I do admit to skimming a lot.There was romance too, now that was really bad. One who had a relationship he hid, one couple who suddenly fell in love, no no no, please. And one guy who lusted after his ex-wife. He could have left the tension but the rest should have been skipped. It was not very well done.I feel so sad now cos I can't say anything good about it, but when you do not connect it is not easy.The only reason I did like the book somewhat was that it had potential and that the end was a bit interesting. So I can give it an ok since I did skim on, it was not truly bad thanks to the hidden gems.3.) Reasons you are recommending this bookSadly I can't since I was bored by it, but if it sounds interesting then get it from the library and have a go at it.