Heart of Steel (Iron Seas Series #2)

Heart of Steel -  Meljean Brook I liked it, I just did not like it as much as book 1. In that aspect I felt rather disappointed. I still liked the steampunk angle, the zombies and the adventure. But this time I felt the romance was lacking, I actually never felt that Yasmeen and Archimedes liked each other. I felt no sexual tension, it was more that he said how much he wanted her but I did not feel it. What I did feel was her heart of steel and how she did not want or need a man in her life. That I got. And when she did fall, yes I am saying it again, I did not see it.The book was still good, do not get me wrong. Steampunk rocks, Yasmeen was cool in her tough shell, Archimedes is a true adventurer and hey it has zombies. One has to like that.But in the end I just wish I had liked it as much as I liked book 1. I hope book 3 will be better because I'd like more.