Darn Good Cowboy Christmas (Spikes & Spurs Series #3)

Darn Good Cowboy Christmas - Carolyn Brown 3,50-3,75Recommended with a grinThere is one thing I have come to connect with Brown's books, and that is that they always makes me smile. I usually sit there with a grin on my face, because they are sweet and fun.This book is part of a series, but it can be read as a standalone. You will feel at home at once. The books are inviting and the town is a place I would like to visit, and the people there, I would love to have them as friends.In this one we have Liz, a former carnie, who wants to settle down and get some roots, and then we have the hot cowboy next door, Rayleen. They met before long ago, and that crush never left either of them. It is just destined. They know it when they meet, and the passion is sizzling. They are just perfect together. She grows roots, and he finds love.A quote from her best friend:"Love at first sight is bullshit. But the heart can reach out and know its soul mate at first sight and then love can come later."(quote taken from an uncorrected proof, it can differ in the final copy.)That sums is up perfectly of what their love is like. And sure there is a tad of drama too, can she grow those roots and settle down?And as always what I like about her books are the sayings, the book is filled with them and they make me smile. I do feel they are one of the best things with this book. Let's see if I can brave one, their love is hotter than a hellcat on a Sunday (ok that makes no sense, but you get the general idea. And I am bad with these.) I love to read them though, and I sure want to talk like that, yes mam.Conclusion:Like I said in the beginning, this book is sure to make you smile and crave your own cowboy. I can't wait for the the next one, I wonder who it will be about.