Mr. Darcy's Secret

Mr. Darcy's Secret - Jane Odiwe I think one thing I liked about this one was that it showed that it takes time to change. Darcy may have changed for her but he still had his ideas and wanted to set a great match for Georgiana. A good match is better than love. Oh you silly man. But yes it shows that you do not change like that, little by little, until we got a nice MR Darcy, who still standoffish at times.The big thing here was the secret, does he have a bastard? A hidden mistress? What is going on? I wanted to know. Sure I wish she had just asked him but they are newlyweds and I get her concern.But this book is not about these two alone, now Georgiana has got half the book in a way as she finds her own way and finds love, and is unsure. I can't tell you more about that, read and see what happens.It was a good variation, and even if Mr.Darcy was an ass at times, I still liked it cos we all know he is an ass but we still love him.