When Josie Comes Home (The New West, #1)

When Josie Comes Home (The New West, #1) - A.E. Stanton I read this story because it was written by Gini Koch.This short story is set in the future and in a town called Horse Town, where any woman can be had, if you pay. Whether the woman want or not. It's a horrible town where the women are slaves, and they all wait for the fable Josie to come back home and free them. She was the only one who got away. But before we meet Josie a Gambler comes to town, what is his plan? Will Josie ever come back? The title does say it all, yes she will come back.It did work well as a short story, really well actually. I got into the story and I was happy that it had a conclusion. Sure it would also have worked well as a longer story. I liked the future it showed and this town was truly horrible. Josie's sisters were also interesting as they and the Gambler have center stage in this story.