House of the Wind

House of the Wind - Titania Hardie This book alternates between 2 POVS. First there is Maddie in the present day who has lost someone near to her, and she is just slowly moving along She will go to Italy and stay with friends and that is where the second POV comes in. in 1347 a young woman lived at the place she visits and they are connected in some other way too, but that takes a while to know since we need to know young Mia's life first. The title comes from the woman Mia meets, a woman who is fleeing from a cruel fate.I am a bit torn when it comes to this book, some chapters moved so slowly and I was not interested at all. it was a slow book at times, and it took me quite some time to get into the book. And even when I did that I liked Mia's story more. Sure it was sad that Maddie lost that special someone, and we read how she went to Italy, but she did not stay long, and most of her parts were about the legal case she was involved in as that was her job. The Mia parts were much more interesting, first with the mystery woman who comes with a man, who was she? We learn that. And the how the Black Death sweeps through Italy and Mia is in the middle of that, and all the time while reading I wonder if she will survive. Because first there is the Black death who is going to kill plenty, then there is a lot of other factors too. So those parts were just better. The flow was faster too.That is why I am torn, I just liked some parts in this book better than the rest. And I did not feel that Maddie got to learn about the past either. Or was it we who was supposed to learn?Conclusion:If it sounds interesting then it might just be the book for you.