Wild Desire

Wild Desire - Lori Brighton i read this book a couple of months ago and finally, review time.Will try to make this old review into the new format ;)Plot:Leo and Ella, the couple we met in Wild Heart is back, well sort of back. They went to India in search of a statue, and answers. With them went Leo’s cousin Bea. The book starts with a bang, Bea in her room when a stranger appears, Ella’s cousin Colin. And they are in for a rocky start, she dislikes him and he thinks she is so English, all prim and proper. But soon they all must leave. There is danger concerning the statue and they are not the only ones looking. Little by little Bea and Colin are brought closer and closer together.My thoughts:It was fun to see Leo and Ella again, even if they were just introduced before they went away. This is Colin and Bea’s book after all. Colin is all American; he is used to being on his own and always moving around. Not to mention that just like his cousin, he too has a power, one hard to believe. Bea is nice, innocent, and she questions things a lot. But soon she sees the beauty of India and becomes quite the adventurer. They are so very different from each other, but thrown together in a time of turmoil they find comfort in each other.This is a paranormal romance, and the paranormal comes from that Colin, and Ella have got powers. And as it shows in this book they are not the only ones. The statue they look for is supposed to hold riches, and a key to this is are the rings that they have in their possession, or had.One does not have to read Wild Heart to understand Wild Desire; it starts as its own book and explains the things that need to be explained to follow along. Of course it’s more fun to know what happened back in England with Ella and Leo, and how this whole journey got started. Colin is a sweetheart, he may not even act like that, but his heart is so big, and I realize how big after reading on. He is also very wounded by the past. Bea may be different in the way she acts but she also has wounds, from being exiled to Scotland with her grandmother. For them to be together seems impossible, she is destined to marry a man of wealth and title, and he has nothing. And there is the desire, it’s wild, and it gets only wilder as you read on.Recommendation and final thoughts:This book is all it promised to be, it has passion, adventure as they escape through India, danger, evil villains that only wants power and money, and a couple who doesn’t know how on earth they will stand each other in the beginning.