Dearly Departed

Dearly Departed - Lia Habel posted at Serendipity reviews Zombies! I am not a big fan but when it comes to books it is different and I can read about them. Of course I never read a book where the male lead is one, but then vampires are dead in some books too, and they want your blood. Zombies are dead and want your flesh, nothing different there. With that I started this book.The world was truly the best part. The world went to hell and survivors fled south. What used to be Central and South America now belongs to conquerors from the north. And they wanted a new society so they looked to old England and the Victorian age and liked what they read about. It is a modern time with technology and good manners. The rich and noble rule and the rest go by with what they have. It was a fascinating time and I always like a new society. And of course there are enemies too, punks, people who want to live without all the technology that ruined the old world. It is a strange new world.But where do the zombies come in? No one knows about these, except for some. But they are out there and they want flesh, but some are still good and have not forgotten that you should not eat other people and soon hell will break loose.The characters then, Nora our heroine of course. A young lady who wants a bit more than to marry some old guy because her aunt tells her too. She likes to look at videos of war (a very strange young lady ;), and then there is Bram, zombie captain, undead hottie and the guy she falls for. A romance between a guy who will rot away in the end and a girl who knows it. Yes I can’t see a future, can you? But romance will always conquer and when the book ends I still not know how it ever will work. But there are more books to come and I am intrigued.But did I like it? I did, to some degrees, it was a good book and yes I enjoyed reading it but I always felt something was lacking. It could have been the shift of POVS. Nora, Bram, Nora’s friend Pamela, person I shall not mention so not to spoil things, other person I shall not mention, well you get the idea. It was a bit too much and it felt like I never truly got to know any of these characters. I did not take them to my heart, and with that I can only say that I might just have liked the world more than the characters and the story.