Cold Fire: Spiritwalker: Book Two

Cold Fire (Spiritwalker Trilogy) - Kate Elliott More like 3,75 cos of the shaky beginningIt was not as good as book 1 and it took a while for me to get into the book. I really can't put my finger on it. maybe it was how sudden we were thrown into book 2 from book 1. It felt like I turned a page and then it continued, which can be a good thing but not since it was months since i read it. Perhaps it was the flow of direction, sometimes it seemed to flow to fast, in too many currents and I could not catch the right stream. Which led me to feel confused and unfocused. Whatever it was it went away, but it did come again here and there. Don't get me wrong, yes it took me a while, but then I started to enjoy the book. But I do feel that it lost something that made book 1 so great. But still good enough for me to want book 3.The story takes a turn and instead of Europe it takes place in the Caribbean. Where kingdoms rule and these people are not afraid of progress, so here it is more steampunk (not that we see much), but Europe is just ice and magic. Here we have zombies, Cat being lost, we finally learn who her dad is, we meet the general again who wants to conquer Europe, can Cat escape her marriage, does she want to? And Bea learn about the path of dragons. I can't say much, since everything is more or less a spoiler. But yes I was happy about the turn of events, some things made me wonder, and some made me want to kick a certain person.It was a good book, it held my attention (after the first part), and the world is just fantastic. A true creation in its fullest. And I must mention that I love Rory! I sure do.Conclusion:I would recommend it, because it is for everyone. Whether you like steampunk, fantasy or paranormal, and there is romance to be had too.