Mr. Darcy's Bite

Mr. Darcy's Bite - Mary Lydon Simonsen The blurb did have me thinking that someone was after werewolves and that there would be danger and so on. But there was not anything like that in this book. No, this book is about Darcy and Lizzie being in love, but Darcy never proposes. Something is wrong and Lizzie is growing restless. He obviously likes her so what is the matter?!This is where the drama comes in, he is a werewolf and of course she is shocked to learn the truth. Who would not be? She is not really prepared for anything like this so there is a shaky times when she tries to come term with it, and then there is another lady who wants Darcy too. Which brings some extra tension to the book. But we all know they will end up together, that is always promised.Honestly, yes I can see Darcy as a werewolf. That explains somethings in a way and it just fits him. Especially when we get to see him as a wolf, there is just a playful side to him that does not always come out when he is human. He is just a great alpha.It was another sweet book. They got to know each other, there were a few misunderstandings, and everyone lived happily ever after. Conclusion:If you want something extra in your JA variation then go for this one, you will love Mr. Darcy as a werewolf.