Utterly Charming

Utterly Charming - Kristine Grayson What can I say, the title does say it all. This was such a charming book. Nora, our heroine meets Alex Blackstone who is so hot, and she can't stop thinking of him. Too bad he is in love with a woman who he claims to be in a magical coma, but she soon realizes magic is real and fairy tales too.I liked Nora, even if she was a bit to of a lawyer sometimes. She did not let down her guard, but then who would when meeting a 1000 year old mage, a wicked witch, and a woman in a glass coffin. And I had to like that she did not let Alex or our wicked stepmother get the upper hand of her. Instead she wanted to protect Emma.Before you all go all oh no! What about poor Emma? Well that is a long story, and just because two kids believed they were in love a 1000 years ago does not mean that is true now. And Alex is always the gentleman, I truly liked that about him. It is a romance that in a way is not a romance. It is always there on the fringes because he wants to protect his sleeping beauty, she thinks those two are meant to be, they are both so utterly blind to what is in front of them. The romance therefore is slow to build, but that is good since they get it when they see it.But what I liked most is how she brought these two worlds together, Magic is real and out there. And fairy tales, well there is always a hint of truth in them, but mostly they are just sweetened beyond words and the true story is lost in time.Conclusion:If you want cute and sweet then look here. And if you want that romance with fairy tale vibe over it then you have found the right book. I liked it and would want more.RatingCuteCover:Hm