Star Struck

Star Struck - Jane Lovering This book is not straight out contemporary romance, instead as I wrote it's more romantic fiction. The feeling of the book is darker, there are a lot of issues and people struggle. The tone is this mix of serious and more.Skye is really messed up. She is afraid of crowds and wants to stay inside. She was in a horrible accident which killed her fiancé and best friend and the trauma is still with her. Poor Skye, so broken, and not remembering one bit about her life before. I did like her, because she was nice, I felt her pain. I understood that she could not brave the real world. But she is not in that dark hole long because she will learn to cope in this book. Her friend is taking her to this convention for a sci-fi series. Oh yes Felix, her friend, I did not know what to make of him. He was so bossy and cheerful, but he is dealing with sadness too and we will learn more.While in Nevada she meets Jack who helps her since she was scared during the car trip. Mysterious Jack, we got a lot of hints that he was hiding something and he sure was. Everyone is a bit broken in this book. Even Gethryn who is the sexy lead actor of the show, the guy Skye has been lusting after.But I liked that, broken people, trying to move on, trying to move past it, to cope and to survive. Some hiding it better than the rest. It made it real and the romance, well no one is falling in love at once. Skye has to deal with herself before letting someone in. But yes there is a HEA, or the road to one. There is a romantic feeling over the book after all.Conclusion:A different sort of romantic book. I really liked the setting since I am a nerd after all, good characters and excellent secrets.