Lady of the English

Lady of the English - Elizabeth Chadwick Chadwick does it again. She brings an era to life and the women that lived then. For a big book this took no time at all to read. The pages just flew by.Matilda was married to Henry V, the holy Roman emperor, but he died when she was still young and they did not have any children. So she came back to England and her father Henry I, and that is where this book starts. He had no male heirs, legitimate ones, and he wants his daughter to rule. The times were sure different, she was 26 when she was married to 14 year old Geoffrey of Anjou. Not a marriage she wanted. This book then follows the struggle to get England since her cousin Stephen takes the throne, and she is not a woman that gives up.The book is also about Adeliza, the widow of Henry I. She did not seem to be as strong as Matilda but she was strong in another way. Where Matilda was harsh and said what she meant Adeliza took her time. And I liked her story as she was married for a long time but did not get any children even though Henry fathered bastard after bastard. But then when she re-married she got a bunch of kids.This is then the book about two women who are both fascinating in their own rights. It was a different time and I did like when Matilda did her best since this was not a woman's world. While with Adeliza we got more about what happened on the home front.Truly another interesting story from Chadwick. She has the magic and can bring history to life. After finishing this one I sit down and wait for her next book. I can't wait to read whatever she writes about next. So this make this book a historical fiction book that I recommend to everyone.