Friday Night Bites

Friday Night Bites  - Chloe Neill I did like this book, but it did not grab me the same way as book 1 did. This one was easy to put down and first towards the end I got interested enough. That being said, I did like it as I said, just not as much as I wanted to considering book 1.Am I on team Ethan yet, no, not really. After being such an ass in book 1, come that scene where she walked in on him with Amber, not cool. Sure he seems really hot, but someone I would invest more in. I still think Morgan would be the guy to go for, sweet and nice. Oh Merit, you are not thinking with your brain.I am also wondering about super Merit, she does seem to be so much better than the rest. Sure he got her issues that we learn more about, but I guess I could want her a bit more normal.Action is promised as someone wants to do an expose on certain things the vampires to not want people to know about. There is blackmail and Merit re-joins the folds of the the rich and famous. Still something is missing for me, maybe the feeling I had in book one that there was always something going on, while this one was more relaxed. I do not know. I hope book 3 picks up again, I want more tension. I did not even feel enough tension between Ethan and Merit.Still a good book, and I do want to read the next