Fitzwilliam Darcy, Rock Star

Fitzwilliam Darcy, Rock Star - Heather Lynn Rigaud Now this one was certainly different from the other variations I have read. But the story is still there, just further back and with modern aspects to it. Darcy is still Darcy and Lizzy is still Lizzy.But yes still very different. Darcy is a rockstar with his own band Slurry. Wickham used to play there too but was thrown out, later we learn why. But now there is Bingley who is as sweet as ever, and Richard who is the person that has changed the most. Poor Richard has a few addictions. Lady Catherine owns the record company and is no relation at all, Mr Collins works for her (and is an ass as always).Lizzy is as clever as always (and blind), Jane is sweet and Charlotte, well like Richard she has changed a bit too. Old Charlotte is still there but she has a modern twist to her, she more fun. They form the band Long Borne Suffering and are now on tour with our Rock Gods.The twists are there. Darcy still says something stupid and Lizzy resents him. Bingley and Jane fall madly in love. There still has been something between Wickham and Georgiana. Pemberley is still around (but very different) and everyone still lives happily ever after. Well sort of. This is a new version of course and the thing that I enjoyed was when Richard and Charlotte started flirting. Because we all know she should not have to be stuck with that idiot Mr, Collins.Rock and roll and sex. Yes this book sure took the old classic story and put a whole new spin on it and I enjoyed it a lot. It sure is a very different variation but it works so well. I do think Darcy was born to be a rock god ;)I enjoyed it and I recommend it to my fellow JA lovers. But since this story is so modern and the story is more hidden in a way, I also think that those who has not tried a variation yet (because you feel it so be wrong), that you would enjoy this one too. It’s a new story after all.