The Lady of the Storm

The Lady of the Storm - Kathryne Kennedy This book can be read as a stand alone, since it does take place 9 years after book 1. But still it is a series and the plot to overthrown the elves continue.What I enjoy most about this series is the worldbuilding. Kennedy has this way of creating such fantastic worlds that you can almost not imagine them in your head. The book takes place in England but it is a changed England as Elves came from their dimension and took over the country. Now Eleven Lords and Ladies rule with an ironfist. Humans are mere playthings to them and those born out of mixed unions are killed if their magic is too powerful. The elves do not want anyone messing with their power. The greatness of the world does not stop here, no all these elves rule over elements and this time it is the Storm Lord's kingdom we see most of. He has changed the area so that it is filled with streams and lakes. He resides in Bath and there is water everywhere.With that out of the way I can move on to the story. Cecily is his bastard and she is meant to be dead but was saved by the Rebellion. Now it is time for her to take up the cause and help them, by her side she has Giles who has looked over her for years. She is quite headstrong, and she knows that she has power enough to defend herself. She has also always liked Giles a lot, thought not any more. They had a falling out. Still he also likes her a lot but she is a lady, while he is nothing. Aye star crossed lovers in more than one way. But we all know they will have a HEA, but the way there is long since she feels that he dislikes her and he tries to stop his own thoughts of having her.What we then have in this book is passion and romance, danger, a bit of action, some monsters, the search for her dad, a secret mission and learning more about the rebellion and the Elven Lords. All in all making it an intriguing story in a beautiful and rich setting. And the Elven Lords are just so evil, I love it.Conclusion:A good story with an excellent world to pull more from. She has created such an interesting world that you want to read more about. The pages just fly by while you read.