Wild & Steamy (Includes: Iron Seas #0.4; The Disillusionists Trilogy #2.5)

Wild & Steamy - Meljean Brook, Jill Myles, Carolyn Crane My thoughts:Yay, I love this world. It was just such a good short story, it truly worked. It takes place before the Iron Duke and we learn a bit more about Newberry and how incredibly silly and prudish those New Worlders are. There is a bit of danger and tension since this is not a happy marriage (but it could be, I shall not say anything more). Oh those silly people who just can't say what they feel.Anyway great story. You will not be disappointed. You do not need to have read the book either since it takes place before it, but it sure will make you want it. My thoughts:This was the steamy story and Myles sure knows how to write a good steamy story. Miko meets two sexy shifters and she sure wants to play with them. Even in this one there is a bit of danger (I will not say more). Miko was fun and I liked her vixen nature and of course the guys were just yummy. A short sexy story that made me want to read more from this world. I do hope Myles writes more. My thoughts:I have not read book 2 yet (I am afraid of the cliffhanger) but I could still read this short story. So even if you have read neither of the books you can read this one easily.I felt that Sophia was such a bitch at first, but I guess I forgave her at the end. But it was hard, still I learnt more when I read on. But poor Robert, he was just so sad and screwed up. Though it made it a good story.Conclusion:A great anthology. Great stories :D Please write more ;)