Deceived by the Others (H&W Investigations)

Deceived by the Others - Jess Haines My thoughts:Omg, I really should not start like that but I just have to tell you all how I felt when I turned the page and realized this book ended. It was with shock because I wanted more and instead there was this huge cliffhanger that I can't tell you about. I can just say that it is really exciting, scary, horrible and just great. She is an evil author and I seriously want book 4 right now.But ok that was the end; I need to go back first. Shiarra and Chaz go on a vacation so she can get friendly with his pack. I never liked Chaz that much, ok he was a nice boyfriend but I never was on his team and after this, I still am not. Is that bad or good, just read and find out. And poor Shiarra can't catch a break because someone does not want them up there. One of the pack, someone else? Aye that is the mystery in this book and things will heat up.I would love to say why this book had me all fired up, that would mean one huge spoiler. I will just tell you that something will happen and it will be big. It will make you feel things and yes I am being really evil with hints like this but it just had me gripping the book so hard.This book had another feel to it since there other books have had things leading up to a big showdown, while this one had smaller show downs. And it was just as good.I am just being way too mysterious. But ok let me say this. The book had some good action, mystery, insights into Others and more. We meet Royce again, and I do like him because he is always the quiet gentleman in a way. He does not take a step towards her if she does not want it. I think he could be a very good friend, and ally is always good to have. I just love how easy these are to read and the pages just fly by.Conclusion:*bites nails* When does book 4 come out? I need to know what happens! The thing is that even if everything ended kind of quiet there is still this big elephant in the room. I will certainly read book 4 and I hope you will do to.