In a Treacherous Court

In a Treacherous Court - Michelle Diener My thoughts:It is always interesting to read about real people in history that are relatively unknown. Susanna and John did live and meet. But all the intrigues made up around this story are the works of imagination, perhaps and who knows.This book is a nice mix of romance and intrigue. Susanna is sent to the court as a painter until her brother gets there, but she is a good artist on her own (though sadly nothing seems to be left of her work, we have only 2nd story sources). There she gets involved by accident in a dangerous plot to usurp the kingdom. Poor Susanna, she loved to paint and I liked how she saw the beauty in everything and just wanted to sit down and catch it in a sketch. She also had a good head on her shoulder and that is truly needed here. She is a damsel in distress, but at the same time not because she will fight back.But she would have been dead at once if it had not been for our hero John Parker. He saves her from murder attempts while he tries to figure out who is behind the scheme to take the throne. John is strong, smart and in the end I like him because I know he would do anything to protect the woman he is falling for, even go against a king if necessary.The plot thickens and makes this a real adventure. Because even if you catch one guy you still gotta find the man to controls everything. And trust me, they do not have it easy, because they will fight for their lives. I did mind one thing though, I felt at one time that enough was enough. There was no point in trying to kill poor Susanna any more since she had truly said all she knew.There are also more books coming and that makes me intrigued. First, there is a good ending so do not worry about cliffhangers or anything like that (and it is a happy one too). But I guess there will be another court intrigue to come since there sure were a lot back then. And especially with a king like this. Conclusion:I enjoyed the intrigues and the look at this court we all know so well. The romance was good and it was just a very short, easy and enjoyable book to read.