Can't Hurry Love

Can't Hurry Love - Christie Ridgway My thoughts:This is the third and final book about the 3 Baci Sisters from Napa Valley. It can easily be read as a stand alone (though I did read book 2 but I have not read book 1 yet.)Giuliana "Jules" Baci fell in love when she was young, but their love story came to a halt and they have not been civil to each other for ten years. Why they broke up is a mystery to everyone else and to the reader. Back to the characters, Jules is the mother hen for her two younger sisters, and Liam is still in her life as he owns a share of the winery and his half-brother is married to her sister. These two sure can not get along and I did wonder what on earth made them like that, but little by little we understand what happened that fateful summer so long ago.Jules has a lot on her plate. She is a strong woman but at the same time there is sadness over her cos of the things she has lost. While Liam also is portrayed as strong and the one who is doing the chasing. He wants her or just wants her out of his system. I do like a good lovers reunited story and these two clearly love each other and always have. But then there is that summer....There is also other things going on. What will happen to the winery? And a slowly building romance between Kohl who works at the winery and Grace who also works there. I liked this story because they both had big emotional scars. Grace had been abused and Kohl was traumatized from the war.Conclusion:A lovely romance about lovers who find their way back to each other, and at the same time we get a second love story playing in the background. It was very enjoyable and sweet.Rating:Sweet summer read