Truth about Mr. Darcy

The Truth about Mr. Darcy - Susan Adriani My thoughts:It's time for another Jane Austen variation. This one was different because there was more passion and there was a whole new side to Mr Darcy.In this one Mr Darcy is falling for Elizabeth, and when Wickham shows up he decides to tell her the truth about things. This leads to Elizabeth seeing him in a whole new light. There is courting and there is passion, yes that is the thing that makes this book stand out. Mr Darcy is really in lust with Lizzy, and she is starting to feel passionate too about his kisses. What can I say more than they are being very improper. I sure like this Mr Darcy.The other thing that is different is that this book has the most evil Wickham ever. He is not even worthy the word scoundrel, no he is a creepy bastard. Not fit for decent company. He finally steps out as the despicable bad guy he is; a seducer of innocent women.Lydia, oh I can't spoil things, but she get her spotlight later, and for once I can see Miss Bingley and Lady the Burgh in a new light (but they are still evil).Conclusion:A passionate re-telling of how things could have gone if Mr Darcy had told the truth at once. But just because he told some the truth the danger is still not ever. There will be drama, but mostly this is a passionate book about a couple who is truly in love. I enjoyed it, and I certainly liked this Mr Darcy. This is the fun thing about variation, they always surprise you.Rating:Hihi Mr Darcy ;)