Shadow's Lure

Shadow's Lure  - Jon Sprunk My thoughts:I know I have been raving over a lot of fantasy books lately but who could blame me, it is the best genre in the whole world, and when I love I love.This is then book two and Caim has left the city to go and search for clues about his past. Why was his father and everyone else killed? Is his mother alive and who took her? So he goes north, a land troubled by shadows and strife and he will learn more about why he can command shadows. The book is also about Josey who is now empress and has a lot to deal with, for example the church who calls her a usurper whore. Those bastards. Down with the church! She is also missing Caim. I will take any hint of romance I can.Caim and his shadows, in this book we get to see him even darker. He is a hero, but he is a dark murderous hero and I love him. Because that goodness in him is the best. In this book he again protects those who need it and join in to fight those who try to damn the north with dark magic and blood. And of course his sidekick, Kit, the strange fairy always brings something to the table. Humour and fun. Josey then, well she struggles with her new power, misses Caim and makes me wonder if these two will have a HEA. After book 1 I let that thought fade, only to pick it up again in this book and then leave it again. An assassin and an empress, sadly very unlikely but I shall not say more because lots will happen.The book is filled with fights, action, dark magic, plots to take power and an intensity that makes me read fast to get all the information at once. There is darkness, but still the book does not feel dark. People get hurt, people die, that's life.I liked book 1, I liked book 2 even more. They keep on getting better and I can't wait to read book 3 and see what happens. He has a way of taking you along for the ride and you will forget about other things. There is only this book and you.Conclusion:Awesome! Good fantasy makes me smile and become all giddy inside. I want book 3 at once, sadly I must wait. But in the mean time I will recommend this series to you all. It is great fantasy and when you start you will not want to put it down.Rating:Recommended