Shadow's Son

Shadow's Son - Jon Sprunk This was the start to a new fantasy series and I was soon caught up in the intrigues. I even wanted to look at the end, but I managed to keep myself in check.Caim is an assassin. Yes he kills for money and he does not have a problem with it. Up until he saves a young woman who thinks he killed her father. Poor Caim is in the middle of a big plot and everyone is gunning for him. What can I say, I have a weak spot for thieves and assassins in fantasy books. And Caim is a good man when it comes down to it. He is driven by revenge and a harsh life. Of course I liked him at once.Other characters are Josey, the daughter of a murdered nobleman and Caim's friend Kit who no one else can see and who hovers around like a ghost. She was a bit of a comedic relief in a way as they bickered. Then we have the bad guys and I will not say more other than the bad guys are really evil. And I want to go and kick some ass. *gives the bad guys the evil eye*Intrigues, I liked that. What was going on? Who wanted who dead? And then when I knew the plot, could Josey and Caim get out of it alive? It came to the point where I no longer could put the book down.It did not end with a cliffhanger but with a nice enough ending and yes with questions. Like the shadows he can command.A good solid start to this series. I will read book 2 and I am very glad that I have book 2 since I want more. Recommended