Mr. Darcy Goes Overboard: A Tale of Tide & Prejudice

Mr. Darcy Goes Overboard (Previously printed as Prawn and Prejudice) - Belinda Roberts Yes I am back with another P&P variation, what more can you all expect from me. I am hopelessly addicted.This one is set at a little fashionable town near the sea. The players are all the same, the story is the same (with exceptions of course, this being a variation and all.) Lizzy still feels hurt by Mr Darcy's remark, Bingley is still very much in love with Jane, Charlotte still does the reasonable thing and Mr Collins is still a creep. But there are no soldiers, instead there are lifeguards and instead of parties they attend different festivities and sail a lot.The book is fairly silly, though in a good way. It's an amusing story in a different setting and everyone is very young and hip. It's a good book to take to the beach. You will read it fast and be a bit amused during it.Sure there were things I thought were a bit too strange. Lydia's change of heart, now that was the freakiest thing ever. And why Mrs Bennet was so set on them getting married, in this age they are all kids still. But like I said, it's meant to be funny and not taken too seriously. I also noticed that the author has written plays before, and yes I could see this story as some kind of farce. Especially Mr Collins would do well on the scene ;) Don't think too much, some books you just read.Conclusion:A nice little beach read.