Any Man of Mine

Any Man of Mine - Rachel Gibson My thoughts:Yes this is book but with some books you can read out of order. I jumped in head first and I had no trouble at all. Since this is about hockey players finding love and they all got a book of their own. Even if other players were mentioned here I never felt lost. So you can read this one without having read the other books.Many have said it and yes I agree, Sam is pretty much as an ass for much of this book. He is a hockey player who likes his women tall, with big boobs and not much between the ears. Once he tried something else and that was Autumn. Married her and left her pregnant. No wonder she does not like him. He says she blows hot and cold, well that is because you are an ass mister. She is a struggling mom with a job that takes a lot of time. I liked her at once. Sam, well Sam took some time to get used to. He stood his son up a lot too, and the things he said sometimes. You do not say to your son that some things he does are something a sissy would do. Now it sounds like I hated Sam, but I didn’t. He was just a jerk that did not think about other people any more.That sounds hopeless doesn’t it? It was, but Sam started to change a little at a time. He understood that he should be there for his son, and that it was a woman like Autumn he should have in his life. Not a silly braindead model. He is a man who changes, and it’s not like he is fully changed at the end. Things like that take time, but he is almost there. And I liked that because change takes time, and here it certainly did. He did really want Autumn, and I forgave him.Conclusion:A different sort of contemporary romance. I did not fall for the hero at once, he had to work to prove he was a good man.