Silver Borne

Silver Borne - Patricia Briggs This book was just as awesome as it should be. I love this series, UF at its best.I will make it short, cos how many times can I say how kick-ass Mercy is ;) Ok, in this one there is trouble in the pack, not all like a coyote mated to an alpha werewolf. And then someone targets Mercy, the Fae are up to their usual shifty business.How to make it short then...Mercy kicks ass. She is such a wonderful heroine, tough but at the same time vulnerable after everything she has gone through. What made me care so much for this book was Samuel, my heart was breaking a bit because I really care for his character, and I do confess to wanting him and Mercy together. Yes Adam is nice, perfect really, but I just love Sam.This book had me reading like crazy. I could not put it down! At times I had to because it was just too much. I wanted to finish it, but I just could not handle it. It was just too good if that makes any sense at all.And at the end something happens, and oh no spoilers from me, but yes for the best, and I guess I could smile about it.My final word is that you read this series because it is just simply the best.