Love Drunk Cowboy (Spikes & Spurs Series #1)

Love Drunk Cowboy - Carolyn Brown This book was just sweeter than watermelonpie (now I have never tasted that, but it fits the language in the book.)Austin is a city girl who inherits her granny's watermelon farm, and she falls in love with the life. She used to come there every summer as a kid. She is nice and I have nothing bad to say about her. Then we have Rye, her sexy bull riding neighbour. There is chemistry there at once and he wants her so much. My heart went all awww there because he truly falls in love with her at first sight, and I love a man like that.The book was so sweet and nice, and they took is slow which I loved too. They formed a friendship, they went out on dates, sure it was all during a short period of time but it still felt slow. Above all this book is a sweet love story about a couple that is nothing alike. A city slicker meets a cowboy. But then the city slicker is pretty country after all. A fancy career and nothing else is not perhaps the best thing to have. You also need love and a family of your own. At least this is what Austin will find out; oh and that actually doing some farming is good for the soul.I liked their courtship dance; I liked the country language thrown in here and there. Maybe because it felt “exotic” to me. I liked the sweetness of the story and that there was no big drama, just these two falling in love, and making decisions. Will she stay?Conclusion:I want a cowboy of my own! This book was easy to read and it left me with a smile on my face. Since this is a series I do wonder who she will write about next. There are some good candidates, and I will read that book. Sweet and nice with a hunky cowboy on top.Rating.Yes sweet :D