Mr. Darcy and the Secret of Becoming a Gentleman

Mr. Darcy and the Secret of Becoming a Gentleman - Maria Hamilton My thoughts:Yes I still adore anything Pride and Prejudice related. These may not be for everyone and to that I will just say that variations are fun and always make me smile.This book again was different because much was from Darcy's POV. The book begins after his failed proposal and he realizes that he needs to change. He needs to be more out there and he needs to make the wrongs to right. First he needs to get Bingley and Jane together and then he needs to work on making Elizabeth fall for him.I had my heart in my throat a couple of times when it came to this book. I am just gonna spill it now because it happens almost at once. Mrs Bennet gets the wrong idea when ┬┤Darcy shows up alone and soon it is over the whole area that he is courting Jane. It was horrible, in a good way, what a twist and I sat there shaking my head at Mrs Bennet's folly. If you thought she was bad before then here, it was almost that I did from shame myself. So I certainly applaud this twist.This was a nice variation with a Mr Darcy who really tries to better himself, he puts himself out there, he tries to socialise, and he becomes the gentleman she wants him to be, or should we say expect him to be. And then we watch Lizzy fall for him once again.Conclusion:A fun variation where Mr Darcy is more in focus. We hear his thoughts, we watch his heartache. He is a wonderful man underneath and the journey to happiness is lovely to watch. And as I said, be prepared for the oh so amusing twist.Rating:Fall in love with Mr Darcy all over again.