Raven's Shadow (Raven Duology, #1)

Raven's Shadow (Raven Duology, #1) - Patricia Briggs I like the fact that this fantasy had a mature heroine. Seraph is a traveller and she is rescued but the soldier Tier. Travellers are not liked, they have magic, they are said to steal babies and all sorts of other stupid things. They are feared. Seraph and Tier gets married and 20 years later the real story starts.A mature heroine with 3 kids, and a missing husband. Seraph was strong, and I liked her. Tier too, he was all nice. The kind you just want to hug.I did get angry at all silly peasants and alike. They do not like the travellers, but the travellers are trying to protect these ignorant idiots. But I liked that. There is always some people at the bottom of the pecking order. And it makes you wonder what will happen when all travellers have been killed.There was fantasy, magic and real life life too. I liked that the book had an ending. So a good stand alone novel, but things are not solved so book 2, here I come.