Only Mr. Darcy Will Do

Only Mr. Darcy Will Do - Kara Louise My thoughts:What put this JA variation apart then? Let me tell you. As always we have Mr Darcy and Lizzy. But in this one her father passed away and they had to move out and now Lizzy is a governess. Her mum and siblings live in Meryton, but Jane lives in London at the Gardiner's. Enter Mr Darcy, and now Lizzy is even lower in society's eyes.The drama in this book is all thanks to Rosalyn. Lizzy works for the Willstone family and Rosalyn is the sister of the Mrs Willstone. At first I liked Rosalyn, she confesses to having a crush on Mr Darcy and who could blame her. But then I read a bit more and I go all "Back down woman!" Mr Darcy belongs to Lizzy. Rosalyn assumes too much, wants too much and is the kind of woman who is all wrong for Darcy. It's silly, but yes it had me fearing that the HEA I wanted would go wrong somehow.It was a variation that got better and better. I wanted them together as always, and I love watching them fall in love for real. It was a good what if story.Conclusion:How many can I read? The answer is a lot, because each book has some twist to the story. And the love that grows between Lizzy and Darcy always triumphs.Ps. And Wickham is a scoundrel as always.Rating:Enjoyed itCover:OkReason for reading:I love JA variations