The Bitter Seed of Magic (Spellcrackers.Com 3)

The Bitter Seed of Magic - Suzanne McLeod My thoughts:I can't believe this, the next book is out first in 2012! How on earth will I make it until then? I seriously need more Genny. And yes there will be spoilers from previous books here.Back to business then. Genny needs to crack a certain fertility curse so that she doesn't have to have a baby. The Fae are sending suitors to her, and I must say that I like the two in this book. Then there is the queen of the fairy lands who doesn't want her preggers. But Genny does not give up and she keeps on going and going. She is one tough Sidhe.As usual there are lots of things going on. Trying to break the curse, finding who is killing Faelings, and as usual dealings with vampires. There is plenty of action, and I just had to keep on reading because I did not want to put the book down. I just had to know what would happen next.The love life then, there is still Finn, but honestly, he is too nice, while I want her with Malik, who is totally wrong for her, but that man just oozes passion. And they have some serious tension going on between them. One more thing I looking forward to in the next book.The book did manage to make me go OMG! What a moment, I did not see that coming. I wish I could tell you all, but just read the series and you will experience it.A magical series that make me want more and more. The books keep on getting better.Conclusion:Just read the series :D It has so much to offer, some good old sexual tension, vampires with plans, all sorts of different Fae, London, and secrets, so many juicy secrets. Now I just have to wait one more year until the next book, I would give anything for at least a blurb.