Unholy Magic

Unholy Magic  - Stacia Kane I read that everyone seems to go for Terrible, but honestly I like Lex. Sure there is not love between them but he does care. Terrible, oh he does care too, a lot, but I guess he has to grow a bit more on me.More action, and magic. But mostly a deeper insight in her problems too. In the first book she popped some pills, in this one we see how bad it really is. Withdrawal and having to take some pills all the time. I do like Chess, but at the same time she is so messed up, how on earth she gets anything done beats me.The world still amazes me, and I like how everything else fell to pieces when the new Church came around. Everything else proved to be a lie. I also like that most things take place in the truly bad neighbourhood, there things sure got bad.All in all, I did enjoy this second book more than the first. They do get better.