Then He Kissed Me (Three Kisses Trilogy #2)

Then He Kissed Me - Christie Ridgway My thoughts:I truly must read more contemporary romance, it is so refreshing, and real, and still fairytale love, awww.This is the second book, but I jumped right in and missed nothing. In the last book the first Baci sister found true love, and in this one it is time for Stevie, the tomboy to find her love. She always played with boys, and she is not seen as the most feminine person around, she also hides her feeling. But I liked her, she was perfect as she was, and behind that mask she hid a lot. Then there is the playboy prince from Europe, oh every woman should get to kiss a prince, so of course I liked him. Especially when they both start to realise how strong the attraction truly is between them.There is also the side story with princess Roxanne and her groom, Emmerson, or shall we say Stevie's ex. What I did not like is how fast that happened, and truth be told, I never did see the attraction there between them. On the other hand I did not care, if it is there it is, if not then it is not. Dunno of I liked her either. Anyway I was more focused on the main couple and not these two getting ready for their wedding. There was also some drama with Stevie's older sister, and that looks to be a good third book.They are hiding a lot of feelings in this book. Stevie from way back, and Jack is still dealing with a kidnapping that happened when he was younger. It is not a whirlwind romance, there is lust, doubt about the lust, and exploring the lust.Final thoughts and recommendation.Oh, yes I wanna give this one a 4, I am so contemporary romance starved. It was so wonderful to read about real people in my own era. And I am such a sucker for a woman who falls for a prince, I always loved that scenario. The book was fun, romantic, and with a nice feeling all the way through. It also made me wonder about the next book, and made me wanting to read it. Because I liked her style.