Perfect Bride for Mr. Darcy

The Perfect Bride for Mr. Darcy - Mary Lydon Simonsen My thoughts:I do love my Jane Austen variations, and this one introduces Anne in such a new light. She is quiet, but that is mostly because of her mother. When she is with her cousins she is another woman, but still she is ill and will therefore never marry. I did like this new portrait of Anne. Georgiana was different too, not at all shy but lively and could easily speak with others.But the rest was just as usual, Lizzy and Darcy were true to the original story, Wickham a scoundrel as usual. One thing happened though and that is that Jane got another suitor. What happened with that you just have to read and find out.This was a nice variation that kept close to the real story, just that instead of them finding their way to each other we see that someone else is pushing behind the scenes. Kind of made me wish that Anne could find love too, but alas no, she can't. Still she is a strong woman.Mr Darcy was as lovely as usual, and honestly can anyone be more horrible than Caroline Bingley? That woman drives me crazy.My final thoughts and recommendation:Yes for the Austen fans, and for the rest of you too. I liked the fact that this one stayed very true to the course of the story, well fairly close. A 3,5 since it was amusing, sweet, and a good dose of Austen. I enjoyed the tale, and especially Miss Anne de Bourgh.