The Snow Globe

The Snow Globe - Sheila Roberts Plot:A snowglobe, 3 women, 3 chances to find what they want.My thoughts:This was such a sweet book, and perfect for me since I wanted something about Christmas to read this week and then this one fell in lap.The miracles are sure there, they can't all be hallucinating. Kylie is the one buying it. She has no job, and no man longer since he left her for her sister. Heart heart longs for something. And the globe is supposed to have given the man it was given to his heart's desire. And since this is a happy sweet book then you know it will be like that. Kylie then passes it so her friend who is so busy and cares only to have the perfect house, but she has something to learn about family. Lastly it passes to the third friend, who is going home to her horrible family for Christmas. All stories were lovely and short. Miracles work fast.The book was so easy to read, you can just sit down a cold afternoon with some hot chocolate and find a bit of happiness in this book.As for the miracles, well that is just some strange unexplained magic, and I liked it this way.Recommendation and final thoughts:I would recommend it, it's short, it's sweet and it's a cute little book to read before Christmas, or in the wintertime. I liked Kylie's story the best, but Suzanne's story made the biggest impact, because she learned what is the most important. Allison's story, I might have missed why she got happy there. But all in all, sweet, romantic, and fun.Reason for reading:'tis the seasonCover:Sweet