Beneath the Thirteen Moons

Beneath the Thirteen Moons - Kathryne Kennedy Plot:Mahri needs a healer for her village and by mistake she kidnaps the crownprince, there is instant lust between these. But he is a royal that has everything and she is just a low water-rat.My thoughts:I do confess that it was not as good as her last book, but then this is an old book that has been re-issued so she has become a better writer, but the book is still good, and the world she creates is pure magic. Truly something I have not experienced in a while. I want to see it on a big screen, I fear my imagination could only take me so far. The world is hard to describe, 13 moons, trees growing out from the ocean and people living in them, beneath them the ocean beasts. The world is filled with wonders.Mahri is a strong independent widow who does not want to love and loose again. But she and Korl are meant for each other but she fights it with every muscle. He realizes his love and yields to it. But I understand her, she is not him, she lives in a swamp, he in a palace. And even a golden cage would be a cage for her. She is a runner, I will give out that. But I understand her. And I do love a man who will give up everything. Of course these two have one rocky romance, they are so different.I have already told you the world is pure magic, what a creation. For some reason I thought of Avatar, well had to think of something even though they are nothing alike. It came more when Mahri got the information that her people came from the sky in fire. Therefore the hint of sci-fi, but the technology is long go. Now they use magic they get from a root found in the swamp.Final thoughts and recommendation:Ok yes there is the romance, but honestly, the world intrigued me more. So that was my fav part in this book. I am a sucker for good world-building. Cos of that I will give it a 3,5. It was interesting, and something for lovers of fantasy romance, and sci-fi since even if there was not any sci-fi in it I had that alien feeling all way through.Reason for reading:Liked her other bookCover:I like the colors but the man, I mean he stands there and saying come here looking at my