Never Less Than a Lady (Lost Lords Series #2)

Never Less Than a Lady - Mary Jo Putney First, fear not OCD people, I didn't know this was a "series", I read it and it worked fine. Book 1 was about a couple that showed up in this one too. So there would be no problem going back reading, cos come on, we all know there will be a HEA anyway.Second, so embarrassed, this book gave me a freaking nightmare *shakes head*, will explain.Julia lives in a little village and works as a midwife. But truth is she ran away cos her husband died, and he was one evil SOB. He was abusive in every way and now she hides. But his men shows up for revenge and to her rescue comes Alexander. A dashing major back from the war cos he is heir to a title. He saves and marries her. But she is scarred from life, and finds it hard to trust.The book was an ok historical romance, and it sure wasn't scary even if I did get that nightmare. Two scarred people saving one another. And from that something builds, because she is curious and wants to make it worth, and he has not been able to forget her from their first meeting some time ago.The plot takes some turns, she needs to confront those left behind long ago, and there is a child they need to find. And of course their love story unfolding, and all things are not as the seem.