Str8te Boys

Str8te Boys - Evangeline Anderson My thoughts:Oh how scared I was, who is the chicken here really. Not to mention I have this aversion to e-books these days, but this one was short, I took bf's mini laptop and started reading.Two guys playing games and daring each other to go further. Maverick and Duke was truly the perfect couple for me to start with. Two straight men falling for each other and exploring. Mav has doubts and Duke is in love. I really liked them both and they eased me into this genre. It was a sweet tale about love, oh and it was HOT. Hehe, mostly it was hot, and then love at the end. A great little novella that didn't rush things, cos things had been happening for a long time and now when they were about to go separate ways things heated up.Recommendation and final thoughts:Not that I am an expert, I do not even know how hot hot is, but yes I would recommend this to my fellow m/m readers, and for someone who is as chicken and I was this is a good book to start with. I enjoyed this little tale, and I am happy to have read it.Reason for reading:Everyone seems to read these so I wanted to give one a go