Extreme Kissing - Luisa Plaja This was a good YA, and there wasn’t anything too teen about. I am talking about drugs, sex and alcohol. Sometimes that just seems to be there because it should. Sure here there was the fear that she might be pregnant but that was it. This was more about the journey and friendship between these two girls.Bethany doesn’t want to go on any trip and to embarrassing things. She wants to stay home and study for her exams, but at the same time her worries are eating her up and she wants to tell her best friend. Carlota is also keeping a secret and she does not know how to break it to Bethany. Because she doesn’t want her friend to get sad. That is why this whole plan is put into motion. Even best friends keep secrets from each other.They go to London and do some crazy and fun things. Like dancing and letting other join in, going into posh shops, or buying the most embarrassing thing a store has to offer. They also meet two guys, which will help them see what they truly want in the end.This is a YA book that I could recommend to a young teen. It was fun, and sweet. They had some nice adventures, and most of all it’s that testament to friendship. Sometimes you just want to make your friend have fun and enjoy life. Sometimes you don’t want to hurt your friend by telling the truth, and sometimes you just want someone to say that everything will be ok. It’s also a book that deals with the stress that are big exams, and these two girls are standing in front of some of the most important.This is a real book. They deal with normal things, and they want what teenagers want. Plaja manages well with the portrait of these two young girls.